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2013 update: This page still present for nostalgic/historic reasons -- its last update was sometime in 1995!

My motorcycling life

To start, some early moto events of my life, in chronological order.

MSF class August 1991 ... an auspicious start
First bike October 1991
The European Adventure Summer 1992
RidgeRunner 500 October 1993
BMWs in Baja May 1994
RidgeRunner 500 October 1994
Copper Canyon Christmas 1994
1995 49er rally May 1995
What, haven't I done anything since 1995? Yes, but I don't write about everything I do anymore, unfortunately.

Here's lots of stuff about me and my bikes.

A frequent theme in my riding life is the world of the unpaved.

I belong to the BMW Club of Northern California.

Looking for the Home of the Short Bikers? Here it is!

I keep a lot of lists and FAQs. I can't help it. Here are the ones I get asked about the most.

Other links and cools places to look at

(Anyone know where the Short Rider home page went?)
The Internet BMW Riders
Central Cal BMW Riders
The G/S and GS page (absolutely best page on GSs yet!)
BMW R Series Motorcycle Info Page
U.S. State Department Travel Warnings
Iron Butt Association

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