GS Rides

GS: Gelande-Strasse, or "turf and street" in German.

A "GS ride" is a ride involving dirt that doesn't require a true dirt bike. Exploration, travel, map-reading, navigation, unknown terrain, turning around, falling down and adventure are always involved!

Not all GS rides are ridden on a GS (30K JPG):

My 1981 R80 G/S gets most of the offroad abuse these days, but I ride the R65 just as much, and it is still called upon for dirt duty from time to time. I'm tired of broken saddlebag mounts and loose turn signals, so try to keep NM on pavement.

These are miscellaneous writeups from one-day dirt excursions.

Ray's Backroads tour (August 1993)
A day in the mud (December 1994)
Exploring BLM land (March 1995)
1995 49er rally GS Trials (May 1995)
Joust '95 GS Ride'n'Push (July 1995)

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