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My 1970's post-women's-movement-era upbringing said that married women changing their last name represented a loss of identity. No one I knew in high school ever intended to change their names. But I never saw it that way, and have always tied my personal identity to my first name, regardless of historical or legal ties to my last name. I guess I'm fortunate that my first name is so distinctive for that.

It stuns me when I see references from the 1950's during which women were identified by their husbands' names, including his first! (e.g. "Mrs. Samuel Jones."). Yikes!

Regardless, my domain name ( has been the same since 1996. And my first name is always mine!

My Domain Name

In case it isn't obvious by now, NEBCOM is derived from Noemi Elisabeth Berry. I'll probably use for all personal contact forever!