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The European Adventure 1992

Noemi Berry, DoD #443

The following is a writeup of a solo motorcycle trip I took in Europe in the summer of 1992.

The trip in itself isn't particularly remarkable -- lots of people ride motorcycles in the Alps -- except in the fact that I was a rank beginner and plunged in way way over my head. I really had no idea what I was doing, except that I loved it.

Please accept a disclaimer and apology for length. I always try my best to cut these down, but brevity is not one of my born talents. Apparently, neither is motorcycling, but passion breeds ignorant bravado, and I had plenty of that, uncured by inexperience.

Many thanks to Jeff Deeney for providing the amusing intros.

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* Prologue: Cage Scouting
* Day 1: The Day of the FT
* Day 2: The Day of the Yellow Light
* Day 3: The Day of the Rain
* Day 4: The Day of the Escape
* Day 5, Part One: The Day of the Drop
* Day 5, Part Two: Gunter, Heinz and Norbert
* Day 6: The Day of the Road
* Day 7: The Day of the Pass
* Day 8: The Day of the Mountain
* Day 9: The Day of the Autobahn
* Epilogue

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