Old Family Photo Gallery
Aidan's January Visit, 2003

On January 28, 2003, Mom, Steph and Aidan (Gabriel's grandmother, aunt and cousin, respectively) flew to California for Gabriel's first birthday. It was great to see the two 1-year-old boys together!

Before boarding
Aidan was great on the plane and didn't wake up until we walked out of the airport
Sisters reunited!
Hey, who are you?
Learning to share?
Bathtime for Aidan
Matching strollers
Bouncing at Gymboree
Classic -- Aidan "talking" on a phone, and Gabriel spinning a wheel!

Jan. 30 -- Gabriel's 1st birthday!
The mischief begins!
At Keiki Place in Cupertino

The ball pit is always a hit
The tent is a big favorite too
Aidan's first sand experience! Ortega Park, Sunnyvale
Gabriel found a leafpile
A rare moment of the two boys together long enough for a photo
This was the day that we discovered Gabriel's inclination to scamper away and escape! My chasing days started this day, his 1st birthday.
Mom and cuddly sweet baby
Mom and scampering wandering baby -- good thing for overalls!
Finally we found a large grassy area in the hopes that we could keep track of the constantly escaping Gabriel
Aunt Stephanie entertains the boys for a photo-op

Jan 31, 2003 -- Bonne Maman swings her two grandsons
The Ka-BOOM game!

Feb. 1, 2003 -- Gabriel's first birthday party!
The party babies, from left: Logan, Gabriel, Duncan, Aidan
With Uncle Ryan, Aunt Laura and Aunt Stephanie
Bonne Maman and her two adorable grandsons
Three generations
Mom and baby -- what a great first year together!
(Don't blame the photographer for the harsh flash and the bad color, ruining an otherwise great picture)